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by Ridvan Saglam


An UltraViolet E-Learning Quiz – ELH Challenge 186

For the challenge 186, we need to design an e-learning template or interaction using UltraViolet as the primary color.


After spending a little time in the dribble to find an UltraViolet color palette, I selected this one. It matched with the flat course design in my mind.


Since I had just completed a Trivia Quiz interaction for a language school, adopting a similar content seemed to be a good idea and less tiring.


I began with simple True/False questions. However, keeping the feedback at the end of the quiz could make it a quick interaction, so I built a custom true/false style with bunches of variables and triggers.
All the questions are displayed in one slide in separate layers and so are the feedbacks.
After the learner decides whether the statement on the screen is Fact or Fiction, the card goes to one of the piles. I kept the edges of the stacked cards on the screen to give a more realistic atmosphere.

While testing my courses and quizzes with learners, one thing I hear, again and again, is; “how long does it last?” Not to hear that for this course, I used two different counters; the first one counts the questions and the other one shows how many answers are given as Fact or Fiction.

When the quiz is over, learners get a results screen and see how many correct answers they could find over 10 questions. If the result doesn’t please them, it is possible to start over, but they have to do it without looking at the feedback cards.

When they prompt to feedback slide, they will learn if their answers are correct or not. Then they can flip the cards and read more about the statements.

Final words for UltraViolet Challenge

I took pleasure in building this small quiz since the idea I planned to carry out required a lot of variables, triggers, states, and animation. Creating a complicated and appealing e-learning material in a short time was a fun challenge for me.

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