Using Characters in E-learning

When characters are engaging, they may help learners feel emotionally connected to the content. Also, characters and the stories built around them make learning more appealing, because our brains are wired for stories.  Characters can also be interwoven into games and challenges.  (Connie Malamed)

I like using characters in my interactions with different roles. Below can you see three different ways of using characters. Click on the pictures to see them in action.


Grammar lesson

In my first example, I used a character who introduces the target grammar content to the learners.

An interactive story

In my second example, I used characters to tell a joke in an interactive way.

Quiz Game

For the last one, I’d like to share an example which I created by using a template that was shared by Fastercourse. Although simplicity of the design and usage of the colors are perfect, I wanted to improve it a bit more by adding some more characters with different game elements and building a simple story around them.

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