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by Ridvan Saglam


accordion” style interaction

ELH Challenge 147

ELH Challenges, Freebie
This week's E-Learning Heroes challenge is to create an “accordion” style interaction. I wanted to create a portfolio interaction for one of my friends; Erdinç Sakin. He is an amazing artist from Turkey. I always admire...
Learn how to secure your home - Articulate ELH Challenge

ELH Challenge 145

ELH Challenges
Would you like to learn how to protect your home better? For the challenge 145, we are to design a short lesson, quiz, or interaction on home security. Preparation First, I planned to create an interaction...

ELH Challenge 144

ELH Challenges
The target of the challenge 144 is engaging our learners by designing interactions that move beyond the boring “Next” button and motivate learners to touch the screen! I prepared a short course about Richard Brautigan,...
e-learning quiz game template

ELH Challenge 107

ELH Challenges
This week challenge is to design a navigation menu for using on a mobile phone or tablet. By the help of new functions of Storyline 360, it is easier to create mobile friendly courses. When you...