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by Ridvan Saglam


The Cook

This course was built considering the idea of overcoming the monotony of long text in e-learning courses.

While I was working on a long course consisting of 5 separate chapters, it was a real challenge to make the users read all the text in the course. Although locking the controls to make sure they read all those paragraphs wasn’t my first choice, I had to do it since we couldn’t persuade the customer to trust the users and use an alternative way. Since then, I have been taking some notes to make a course consisting a lot of reading tasks more engaging and interactive. Here you can see what I have made so far;

I used a few chapters of a short story shared by eflshorts. Some of the questions were taken from their website, and rest of them were inspired by them.


While creating this course, another target of mine was to complete some ELH Challenges I missed. To get new ideas and push yourself as a designer, those challenges ask you the right questions and suggest you a lot of examples to get inspired. So, here you can see the examples for

ELH Challenge 184 –  Designing Custom Feedback and Results Slides

ELH Challenge 182 – Table of Contents in E-Learning

ELH 179 – Using E-Learning to Teach Foreign Languages

ELH 177 – Tooltips, Hyperlinks, and Explorable Explanations in E-Learning Design

ELH 58 – Digital Magazines for E-Learning 


In my e-learning courses, illustrations and flat graphics are usually my first choice. This one is the combination of photos and graphics from Flaticon and Freepik.

Via the menu on the left corner, users can see their reading progresses and quiz results, it is also possible to jump any quizzes or chapters.

Yes, I chose to trust my learners.

I used two different progress meters, one of which shows how many pages are read, and the other one shows the overall progress of the story. It is also possible to see points and progress on the menu.

Since it is a story about a cook, using jars to show the progress of the quizzes seemed to be a good idea. When the correct answers are found, the jars are filled up. Another thing which I wanted to try was to give more freedom to the users. The quizzes can be done after each chapter or it is possible to go on reading and taking the quizzes later.

The demo can be seen here;

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