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by Ridvan Saglam


ELH Challenge 157

Interactive video quizzes can be more attractive and engaging for most users. This week, our challenge is to build an interactive video quiz.

You can download this template from the link below.

I decided to create a video quiz by using a commercial. To tell the truth, I prepared a quiz by using this video a few years ago with an online video quiz maker.

However, it is a great pleasure to see that I can create my custom interactive video quizzes.

There was another challenge, Hand-Drawn E-Learning Courses #41, that I was planning to work on this week. When I started to build my video quiz, I just wanted to combine it with that challenge.

Creating a quiz with a video is a bit harder than working on other quiz types since it needs better planning and more creativity. This one was the first, I will go on making video quizzes after studying on more examples.

Here you can see my video quiz;

Interactive Video Quiz intro
Click to start the quiz


After my example was shared in Articulate Community, some members asked me to share the template, and here you go;

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