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by Ridvan Saglam


ELH Challenge 134

This week challenge is to share an example that demonstrates one or more ways to personalize an e-learning course using gamification techniques. David Anderson shared some ways shared below. I could apply most of them in my example which is a remake of one of my old quiz games whose template can be downloaded here; Freebies.

  • Let users choose an avatar that best represents them

The first version has a character, but users can’t choose their avatars. Adding two characters from opposite genders seemed to me a good idea to make a connection with players.

choose your avatar

  • Increase learner engagement by using their name throughout the course

Players can see their names while getting instructions, playing the game and on the scoreboard if they get successful.

write your name

  • Allow learners to choose closed captioning, audio narration, design themes, and other course preferences

I didn’t add audio narration but players can skip some instruction screens if they want to discover the mechanics while playing it.

Allow learners to choose.pnggive leraners more freedom












  • Personalize feedback based on quiz scores and on-slide actions

Points are earned by giving the correct answer. Here is a little trick for the scoreboard, if they answer quickly, they get more points.

  • Use gamification techniques to add personalization to courses

I tried to use gamification mechanics such as time pressure, awards, competition and personalization. I’m happy with the result, hope you enjoy it.


You can see it in action here;

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