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As an E-Learning Developer, I love rapid authoring tools because they make the design process easier and faster. With the help of built-in templates, backgrounds, and other elements, I can better focus on my content.

Although they make our job easier, it’s still a big problem to attract learners, get them to enroll in LMS, and complete the training.

Another problem is the old training formats. We need something more flexible and easier to use. Especially if we plan to create a microlearning course. To capture the attention of modern learners who use social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, we need to find better ways.

Luckily, we have a new hero in town: 7taps.  

“To capture the attention of modern learners, you need fundamentally different tools than the ones you use now. With 7taps, you can create high-impact training without outsourcing the task to L&D experts,” said Alfredo Iglesias, Technology Evangelist and recipient of the CLO Magazine Gold Award in Excellence in Social Learning.

What is 7taps?

It is a brand new cloud-based authoring tool. It is the fastest and easiest way to create mobile-first training. You don’t need to have a technical background to use it. If you can use Instagram, you have all the technical skills you need.

You can create your first course in less than 15 minutes. Just focus on your content.

What does a 7taps course look like?
Here you can see one of my courses created with 7taps pro. Flow Theory  
What about the interface?

It’s easy to see that the 7taps team has gone to great lengths to make it as user-friendly as possible. Everything is so smooth and clear that you just want to dive in and start creating your course. You don’t need any tutorials. You can get started with the tool right away. It is also possible to use one of the pre-made templates.

How can I share my courses?

After you finish designing your course in most authoring tools, you need to get a SCORM package and upload it to your LMS, which can be a hassle if you want your learners to access the course quickly.

With 7taps, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. You can share the course via email, SMS, direct link, or QR code.

Learners don’t have to sign in or download an app to view the course – they just open a link on their device and get the course.

But I want to track my learners!

Don’t worry about that. You can create a report with vital statistics about learner performance.

You can see a sample report here.

What about the price?

The community edition is free forever. You can create up to 3 courses and share them via link.

What are the differences between the Community and Pro versions?

In Pro version, you can add custom images and themes, unlimited soundbites. You can share your course via SMS and get advanced reports.

I want to try this amazing app right now!

Of course, you do. 

Here you go; 

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