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by Ridvan Saglam


/Posted by: Ridvan
Millionaire - e-learning game adaptation

Millionaire Game

Sometimes, starting a personal challenge is a good way to improve your design skills to create better and more complex interactions with Storyline. This very new Millionaire game is one of them. It was a personal challenge for...
/Posted by: Ridvan
Creating an interactive video quiz with Articulate Storyline

Video Quiz

Interactive video quizzes can be more attractive and engaging for most users. This week, our challenge is to build an interactive video quiz. You can download this template from the link below. I decided to create a video...
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interactive reading example made with articulate storyline 3

The Cook

This course was built considering the idea of overcoming the monotony of long text in e-learning courses. While I was working on a long course consisting of 5 separate chapters, it was a real challenge...
/Posted by: Ridvan
Branching Scenario example

Holiday Maze

Holiday Maze is a card game which was shared in British Council Teaching English webpage. Users have to make their choices carefully to have a happy end. I tried using ‘choose your adventure” style before. However,...